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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Moving Ahead With Coulter Parkette Pavilion

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

The pavilion in downtown Port Elgin will be paid for through reserve funds, approved by Council.

Saugeen Shores council has agreed to ante up an additional $28,000 to help get the pavilion built at Coulter Parkette in downtown Port Elgin.
The extra money will come from the Parks Reserve.
Councillor Mike Myatt and the council representative on the Port Elgin BIA, says it's money well-spent, after Vice Deputy Mayor Diane Huber questioned the continued use of reserve funds to cover overages.
Myatt says the cost of the project is just over $200,000 with the BIA pitching in to help defray costs as best they can.
Also Bud Halpin at Saugeen District Secondary School has indicated that he and his carpentry students could do the work by the end of the school year, as long as the material delivery was on time, thus saving some money.
The downtown Port Elgin structure will be similar to the style that was installed at Fairy Lake which Halpin's class constructed.
Myatt calls it, "an opportunity."
He says, "When it's all said and done, the people....are going to be very, very happy with the end product at Coulter Parkette." 
Council voted 6-3 in favour of spending the money.
The revamped parkette will have the stage pavilion, along with a water feature and it's hoped the area will become more of a plaza-type atmosphere which could be more programmable for groups and organizations to use.
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