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Thursday, July 12, 2018

More Streetscape Changes Proposed

Southampton | by John Divinski  

Southampton BIA wants bump-outs to have interlocking brick.

The Southampton BIA wants to see some changes to Phase One of the downtown Streetscape plan and two of the three changes involve the controversial "bump-outs" lining High Street, between Huron and Grosvenor Streets.

BIA Chair Melanie Myers was before Saugeen Shores Committee of the Whole council meeting on July 9th with some suggestions on improvements.

Myers says the BIA is OK with the bump-outs but would like to replace the grass and asphalt on them to interlocking brick for low maintenance and more usuable walkable space on the extensions.

She says the BIA doesn't want to go forward with any other curb extension projects until the Phase One extensions are corrected.

In addition to the interlocking brick, Myers tells councillors they would like an illuminated bollard at the end of the curb extensions for an improved aesthetic look with a dual purpose of night time and winter marking features.

A bollard is a sturdy, short, vertical post.  

Myers says the third issue presented to council was to replace the sidewalk in front of the CIBC bank which is in disrepair.

She says the BIA has been involved in the West Block Phase One discussions from the beginning but the bump-outs are not what they envisioned.

They're hoping the changes will make them more usuable.

Myers says the BIA wants Phase One issues corrected before moving on to Phase Two and Three which includes the centre block and east block of the Southampton downtown core.

The BIA says the next phases should include money for sidewalk replacements.

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