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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Shortfall in Fundraising for Walkerton Soccer Fields

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Fundraising committee for Walkerton Soccer Fields has dissolved, but owes money.

Brockton has struck a committee of three councilors to discuss the outstanding fundraising balance for the Walkerton Soccer Fields project.

Brockton wants to work with the Walkerton Football Club and soccer community to come up with a plan on how to address the huge fundraising shortfall in its repayment plan to the municipality.

The 1.1 million dollar Walkerton Soccer Field Complex project was constructed on the condition that Fundraising Committee would cover 2/3rds of the cost and Brockton the remaining 1/3rd.

This worked out to be 735 thousand from the Fundraising Committee and the remaining 362 thousand dollars from Brockton.

Initially fundraising was going quite well, with 433 thousand dollars in funds raised between 2015 to 2018.

However according to Municipal staff, no money has been received in 2019 from the Fundraising Club or those with outstanding pledges.

In fact the Fundraising Committee has been dissolved.

In total, staff say the balance owed to Brockton by the Fundraising Committee is 302 thousand dollars.

64 thousand dollar of this is in uncollected pledges and the remaining 237 thousand dollar gap is what the Fundraising Committee had committed to cover.

In an effort to lessen this, Brockton Mayor Chris Peabody says staff will be sending out reminders to those who had pledged a donation.

However as for the remaining balance of 237 thousand dollars, that is a discussion this special committee of Council wants to have with the Soccer Community which includes both minor and adult soccer.

Councilor Steve Adams says Brockton wants to work with the soccer community to come up with a payment plan,

Brockton Council brushed aside a staff suggestion that the municipality invoice the Walkerton Football Club 24 thousand dollars for the next ten years until the debt was paid in full.

Peabody says Brockton is eager to work together on a repayment strategy on how that money might be repaid whether it be through fundraising efforts, user fees or other options.

One thing is for sure, Brockton Councilors do not believe the shortfall should fall on the backs of taxpayers.

In the meantime there is still two fields open for naming rights at 100 thousand dollars a piece.


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