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Monday, September 9, 2019

Volunteer Firefighters Remind Drivers to Yield for Green Flashing Lights

Saugeen Shores | by Megan Johnson  

Saugeen Shores is home to 50 volunteer firefighters, some have had trouble getting to emergencies.

The Saugeen Shores Fire Department wants to remind motorist to check their rearview mirrors, for the Green Flashing Light.
Saugeen Shores is home to 50 volunteer firefighters and over the busy summer months many noticed vehicles we're just not letting them pass.

Fire Prevention Officer, Rob Atkinson says there are signs at the edge of Saugeen Shores notifying drivers of the volunteer alert.

"A green flashing light on a volunteer firefighter's vehicle is a courtesy light. It doesn't afford them any rights under the Highway Traffic Act, to speed, or go through a stop-sign...it's a courtesy light advising vehicles in front of them that they are responding to an emergency."

He adds, "a lot of people coming to the area are from a bigger centre where they have full-time service, they might not be too familiar with the green lights in their mirror so we will need to step up our education."

Atkinson says there are 16 new volunteers firefighters to the team, which is the first time in 11 years crews have hired.

The paid on-call firefighters have been trained in Firefighter 1 Standard Level and Public Health has trained them with how to administer Naloxone.

"We've seen more medical calls," says Atkinson.

"Our volume is up...with the amount of extra visitors and residents to the town, we haven't had any major fires this summer, but we've had some tragic accidents.

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