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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pine River Cheese to Close

Ripley | by Megan Johnson  

Cheese Production will stop producing cheese products at the end of September

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If supplies last, you will only have until December to purchase the last of Pine River Cheese Products.

The business which is located south of Kincardine has been in operation for 134 years and announced it will cease operation later this month after a decision from its Co-operative shareholders says Co-operative CEO Ulrike Prehn.

"It was a result of ongoing market pressures... and a rising cost to produce...fixed and variable costs resulting in low product margins and its ability to remain competitive in the market place," she says.

Pine River Cheese started in the Cheddar business then created an organic product line in the past few years.

Prehn says a second fire to the location in 2010 followed by a year of reconstruction resulted in the co-operatives, "erosion of the market share across Ontario".

Prehn adds customers and employees were shocked and saddened when they heard the news and filled their parking lot in droves to stock up on cheese which she called a "cheese-mageddon".

She hopes their loyal customers will still look to Ontario first when they look for cheese.

"There are other Ontario cheese processors and there are some nice premium brands available and my suggestion is to continue to support Ontario Brands and local.

Pine River Cheese currently employs 25 staff members.

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