Mix 106.5

Mix 106.5

Friday, February 17, 2017

Satellites Succeed

Oshawa | by Bayshore News Staff  

Reach For the Sky Gymnastics


Owen Sound Satellites Gymnasts Stick their Landings at the Reach for the Sky Gymnastics Competition

Over the weekend of February 10 - 12 eight competitive athletes from the Owen Sound Satellites Gymnastics Club travelled to the Gemini Gymnastics Club in Oshawa for the "Reach for the Sky" competition.

On Friday February 10 Julie Harris and Elizabeth Wilson competed in the Age 11 Level 3 category.  

Elizabeth came away with second overall followed closely by Julie in third overall.

Apparatus    Julie Harris    Elizabeth Wilson
Uneven Bars    9.60 (1st)    9.225 (3rd)
Vault               9.45 (2nd)    9.2 (3rd)
Floor               9.00 (4th)    9.075 (2nd)
Beam         8.675 (7th)    9.375 (3rd)
Overall      36.725 (3rd)    36.875 (2nd)

Also Competing on Friday were Hannah Werger and Avalon Jackson in Age 9 Level 2 Group A.  

Avalon finished first overall and Hannah was not far behind in fourth place.

Apparatus    Avalon Jackson       Hannah Werger
Uneven Bars    8.775 (1st)    7.975 (5th)
Vault               9.425 (1st)    9.075 (5th)
Floor             9.10 (7th)`    9.175 (5th)
Beam            9.15 (3rd)    9.25 (2nd)
Overall         36.45 (1st)    35.475 (4th)

Friday's other competitor was Lola Hoyt who finished second overall in Age 9 Level 2 Group B.
Apparatus    Lola Hoyt
Uneven Bars    8.925 (1st)
Vault            9.35 (1st)
Floor           9.10 (7th)
Beam          8.75 (5th)
Overall          36.125 (2nd)

On Saturday February 11th only one athlete competed and that was Griffin Hoyt.  Griffin competed in Age 12 Level 6 and performed well finishing eighth overall.

Apparatus    Griffin Hoyt
Uneven Bars    6.975 (8th)
Vault            8.80 (8th)
Floor          8.70 (7th)
Beam           8.25 (7th)
Overall                   32.725 (8th)

On Sunday Charlie Taylor-Gillespie competed in Age 10-11 Level 6 Group A and worked her way to a ninth overall finish.

Apparatus    Charlie Taylor-Gillespie
Uneven Bars    7.40 (8th)
Vault                    7.50 (9th)
Floor            8.55 (9th)
Beam           7.40 (9th)
Overall        31.80 (9th)

Competing at the same time as Charlie was Olivia Nairn in the Age 10-11 Level 6 Group B category.  

Olivia earned second overall for her efforts.

Apparatus    Olivia Nairn
Uneven Bars    9.225 (1st)
Vault           9.125 (5th)
Floor           9.025 (5th)
Beam         9.425 (3rd)
Overall                  36.800 (2nd)

The Owen Sound Satellites Gymnastics athletes brought home 19 medals in total. 


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