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Monday, June 19, 2017

Staying Safe During Lightning Storms

Regional | by Al Parrish  

When thunder roars, go indoors. But if you are caught outside,crouch don't lie down.

About 10 Canadians are killed by lightning every year, another hundred to 150 are injured.

The majority of the damage does not come from a direct strike by lightning, but from sideflash jumping from a struck object to a person and ground current where electricity can travel for tens of meters.

Environment Canada wants us all to be aware of the potential for danger and the steps to take... or not take... in a thunderstorm.

The slogan "When thunder roars, go indoors" is the most important piece of information according to Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, Peter Kimbell.

Other things to remember:

Do NOT take shelter under a single tall tree.

Rubber boots will not insulate you -- lightning travels through hundreds of meters of air which is an insulator, so an inch of rubber won't help.

If you are caught in an open area, crouch but don't lie down.

The protection from a building or a car is from their ability to channel the strike around you and to the ground. So hands off metal; don't  use a landline phone.

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